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New Vendors Dixie-Narco 

Dixie Narco

Dixie BevMax 2 - Bottle and Can Vendor



  • A glass front, refrigerated bottle and can vendor with the emphasis on full product visibility

  • Vends almost any shape and size of bottle or can without the need for spacers or shims

  • A rapid pick up mechanism gently collects the drink and delivers it at a convenient height

  • Vend sensors guarantee product delivery every time

  • Vends glass or PET, still or carbonated from any of the 45 selections

  • Each adjustable tray is free of motors, solenoids and wiring harnesses

  • Up to 495 product capacity

  • All components serviceable from machine front


  • Compatible with MDB coin mechanisms, cashless and telemetry systems

  • Menu driven programming

  • Individual pricing by selection

  • Self test diagnostic system

  • Financial and product audit

  • Eight character scrolling display


  • Height 72 1830mm
    Depth 32 813mm
    Width 46.5 1181mm
    Weight 735llbs 333kg

Standard Capacities

  • Up to 45 Selections
    Up to 495 Products




Dixie-Narco Glass Front Vender
(Available to Coca-Cola Bottlers and Appointed Agents Only)


  • Unique elevator arm and conveyor for product delivery.

  • Five different trays with nine columns.

  • Displays up to 45 products.

  • Self-contained refrigeration system.

  • Internal storage area and loading rack.

  • Variable Package Type - glass bottles, cans, PET bottles.

  • Fits 500ml sport-top PET.

  • Internal Power Supply provides 24 VAC to MDB coin mechanism and bill validator.

  • Compressor and system are full hermetic construction for long service life.

  • Uses non-CFC R134A refrigerant.

  • KO controller technology controls all machine functions.


Glass Front Vender


45 Product Selections
405 X 500ml PET
405 X 340ml Cans

Size (H-W-D)

182.88 X 132.08 X 88.9 cm


339 kg (empty)


220V, 6 amps

Dixie-Narco Glass Front Vender



Dixie-Narco E-SERIES Beverage Vendor MODEL 276E
(Coca-Cola Branded Vendors available in four different models)


  • Double-Depth High-Capacity Bottle Vending.

  • Newly Designed Merchandising Door.

  • Large Package Delivery Port.

  • Triple-Depth High-Capacity Can Vending.

  • Simple Field Conversion for Different Packages.

  • Multi-Pricing Capability.

  • Historical & Interval Accounting Data.

  • DEX & MDB Compatible.

  • Automatic Service Diagnostics.

  • CFC Free, Lint tolerant, 1/3 HP Refrigeration System.

  • UL/CUL Outdoor Approval.

Size (H-W-D)

182.9 X 71.1 X 88.8 cm


311 kg


7 Narrow / 7






Narrow Column 

340 ml Cans



450 ml Cans



500 ml PET Bottle




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