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Van Lock Locks and Keys

We carry a vast range of locks for all types of equipment and are also able to
offer managed routing systems via our range on offer.

A vast range of locks and accessories to satisfy every need in all situations

  • All mechanical models with differentiated figures are normally supplied with two keys per cylinder.

  • In the Standardized figure versions, 10% of the stock of keys is provided.

  • More keys can be supplied on request

  • Bolts of various shapes and sizes and nuts are available for assembly on both wood or iron.

  • Electric contact locks are usually supplied with one key per cylinder.

A vast range of locks and accessories to satisfy every need in all situations

Van Lock

The Vanamatic Series from Van Lock

The Vanamatic Series allows for 8 combination changes built into 1 Lock! This means never having to replace the lock. This is a once-off purchase even when keys are lost / stolen it would mean just recombination the lock.

  • When keys are lost or stolen, The Vanamatic Series locks are readily field changed for continued uninterrupted VAN LOCK high security protection.

  • Traditional features are maintained-virtually handmade key and flat facelock design deter both vandals and thieves.

  • 8 changes in each lock series / thousands of new combination series available.

  • Change combinations in seconds.

The Vanamatic Series from Van Lock



Each Van Lock Key is virtually hand-made with no keyblanks or key machines. It is almost impossible to make an unauthorized key. They may be colour coded in many colours. Three different sizes are available.

Van Lock Key


"C" Series Cam Locks

For use in coin operated equipment and other security applications requiring locking cam. Available in 3 lengths. All "C" locks come with a standard, hardened security ting., large hex nut, and small hex unit.

"C" Series Cam Locks - Van Lock


"T" and "L" Handle Locks

For use in vending machines and all other locking handle applications. Designed to fit flush or be slightly recessed, these locks meet all security specifications. Available with hardened steel front and steel latch. Available in deadbolt style.

"T" amd "L" Handle Locks - Van Lock



The padlock bodies are made of high strength and corrosion resistant aluminum. The bodies are powder coated for further environmental protection and available in many colours. Hardened steel shackles are double-sided locking by means of stainless steel ball bearings for increased security.

Padlocks  - Van Lock

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